What We Can Do For You


    Compounding is what used to be called "mixing and making." We take chemicals and make them into appropriate dosage forms based on a physicianís order. We werenít taught much compounding in school. I only made four compounds in school and one of them was as simple as throwing a codeine tablet in a cough syrup and making "cough syrup with codeine." Real tough, huh? Thatís a far cry from the compounding that we do now.


    For example, we have one pediatric compound that requires seventeen different ingredients, a homogenizer and pH meter to make. To most people, it may seem strange to see my excitement at the arrival of new compounding equipment and a new reference book. As much as I learned in pharmacy school about medications and their activities in the body, my knowledge base has continued to grow with seminars provided by Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) and ZRT Laboratories. International Academy of Compounding Pharmacies is another organization that provides valuable journals and dependable web information. KCP is a member of Professional Compounding Centers of America and the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacies. Both organizations have staff that can advise us on compatibility and stability of chemicals as we compound. PCCA also has a flavoring guideline that enables us to flavor safely and tastily. Compounding and doing it right are a huge focus at KCP. Enough of a focus that we finally changed our name from Gary King Pharmacy to King's Compounding Pharmacy (didnít want to lose the name recognition). We have also spent the time and money to become accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board. If you have time, visit their website to learn more about the complexity of compounding.

    I must say that compounding is the most rewarding part of my job - way above giving directions. It seems that sometimes, by the time a patient gets to us needing a compounded prescription, they have tried everything else and they are quite desperate. When we are able to help, they are extremely grateful. Iím like everyone else, I like being told "Thanks." Remember that all of our compounding must be ordered by a physician.


    Thatís what you call vitamins and stuff. If you think about it, before we had all this diabetes, heart and arthritis medicine, we had what we now call alternative medicine. We also exercised more, and ate much, much better. I know that I donít have any more time than you, and donít eat any better than you do, so I take supplements. Itís hard but essential to fight through all the hype of supplements. We at KCP can help you with this. We can advise you about the most effective and most cost-effective supplements that can make a difference in the quality and quantity of life. After all, thatís my goal, quality and quantity.

    Did you know that 4 of the 5 top prescribed prescription drugs treat disease states that can frequently be prevented or treated with lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements? Think of the billions of dollars spent, and millions of drug related adverse reactions that could be prevented. We are living in a world that thinks every answer is in taking a pill. What we forget is that few pills, including some supplements, can be taken without side effect or adverse reaction.

Traditional Pharmacy


    We donít want you to think that we are against traditional pharmacy simply because we compound and take vitamins. We examine all aspects of health and that includes antibiotics, blood pressure and pain medications as needed. Antibiotics kill life threatening bacteria, and Iíll take them when I have to. When diet and exercise donít work, there are multiple options to treat diabetes and heart conditions. We just need to make sure we try diet and exercise first and keep on as we take medication.

    One of our most special privileges is to be a primary medication provider for Hospice Care of the Southwest. In helping the hospice team take care of their patientsí needs we have to carry the whole spectrum of pharmaceuticals. We are very pleased to be able to provide traditional pharmacy needs as well as compounded special medications to meet special needs. However; we donít value ourselves by the number of prescriptions we fill, but by the quality, degree of difficulty, and results of our prescriptions.