Pain Relief

Dealing with Pain

Pain Free

    Sometimes it’s tricky to treat pain, but it doesn't have to be something you live with everyday. Because of the severe side effects of taking some of these medications by mouth, we searched for alternative delivery systems. We are able to compound anti-inflammatory medications into a topical cream that enables the medication to absorb into the skin and deliver anti-inflammatory and pain relief at the site. This delivery system may bypass the stomach, thereby possibly reducing or avoiding side effects such as nausea, pain or bleeding in the stomach. Topical anti-inflammatory therapy has been proven to be effective and we have the ability to include other medications to the cream. We’ve added muscle relaxants, steroids, and local anesthetics according to physicians’ orders.

    One significant area of pain treatment is neuropathy, frequently caused by diabetes. Often, traditional medication therapy is too sedating or altogether ineffective. Topical preparations have worked very well in many of these cases. We’ve even compounded formulas for pain to reduce the nausea, and constipation problems with pain medications. Our experiences with hospice have enabled us to help the general public with their pain needs as well.

Migraine Headaches

    We’ve compounded several alternatives for migraine and cluster headaches. Some physicians have ordered ergotamine derivatives and some have used lidocaine in nose sprays. Magnesium supplements with either riboflavin or fever few have also been used as prevention. Obviously, prevention of debilitating headaches is better than treating them, but sometimes prescription medications have severe side effects, particularly drowsiness. At KCP, we can advise you on all possible side effects of any given medication and work with you to minimize them.

Hemorrhoidal Pain

     OK so it’s called the Rectal Rocket, maybe that’s not so classy, but it seems very effective. We can combine a local anesthetic, with agents that reduce swelling and inflammation. The benefit of the Rectal Rocket is its shape. The shape allows positioning of the suppository so it contacts the inflamed area and does the most good where you need it.