Hormone Therapy

Female Hormones


    Hormones make up a lot of our compounding. Because of the negative publicity of the Womanís Health Initiative study, many women are looking for alternative ways to control symptoms and stay healthy. Bio-identical hormone therapy follows the principle that we need to find out what hormones you need and then supplement with those hormones. A saliva test, performed in the privacy of your home, can accurately determine the values of your free, available hormones. We usually test estradiol, a woman's potent estrogen, progesterone, to see if it is balanced to your estradiol level, and also testosterone, if muscle mass, energy levels or libido are an issue. We use ZRT Laboratories because they also give us an objective review of your symptoms that is frequently very informative. Working with a physician, we can use these results and determine an appropriate hormone supplement regimen. Along with the saliva test you usually get my sermon on how women handle stress. From what Iíve read you can have perfect hormone levels, but if you are over stressed or chronically stressed your body simply wonít use those hormones efficiently.

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Male Hormones

    There is a lot of talk now about male menopause or andropause. If you have noticed a decline in energy, muscle mass and libido (same for women), you donít have to just learn to accept it. There are many causes, other than simple aging, and many answers. Many times medication can cause these problems. Call, and we can review your medication profile and give your some clues to talk to your physician. With the vast numbers of medications and combinations, perhaps your physician can come up with a different therapy. Another option is to test your hormones by the same saliva test discussed above.

    We have a chart below for your reference, two or more symptoms in any category indicate priority for testing (Symptoms may overlap between categories). This is not a complete list of hormone imbalances, but the majority of the ones reported.

Please contact your Physician if you are concerned about your hormone levels.
Adrenal ImbalanceInsulin ResistanceThyroid ImbalanceGrowth Hormone Deficiency
StressWeight Gain in WaistTired/ExhaustedDecreased Muscle Mass
FatigueSugar CravingsSad/DepressedDecreased Stamina
Sugar CravingsElevated TriglyceridesCold hands/feetSexual Dysfunction
Allergies/AsthmaIncreased UrineWeight GainIncreased Fatigue
Chemical SensitivityLow Blood SugarUnable to Lose WeightPremature Aging
ArthritisHig CholesterolForgetfulThinning Skin
Aches/PainsTrouble SleepingMood ChangesCentral Obesity
HeadachesNumbness (hands/feet)Slow PulseSlowing Cognition
Sleep DisturbanceEratic Blood PressureHair LossDecline in "Quality of Life"
Bone LossBrittle Hair/Nails
ArthritisLow Libido